event registration, Registration of attendees for events in Mimia, USA, Meixico and Spain

event registration, Registration of attendees for events in Mimia, USA, Meixico and Spain

Registration Assistance System for Events

@Registro was born in 2005 to fulfill the needs of Grupo Standex clients who needed an easy, fast and reliable solution for controlling attendees by offering a quality, integral service. @Registro offers an extremely reliable and efficient system for controlling attendance, registration and statistics, projecting an image of state of the art technology, order, punctuality and organization with absolute professionalism and confidentiality.


The first pre-registration stage can begin 3 to 4 months prior to the event, in order to organize participants’ information. During this stage we can offer the organizing committee a tool that lets them administer the status of payments through a state of the art digital platform that you can access with a user name and password.


Website development and implementation

Graphic interface design for the organizing committee

Implementing and integrating a database for registration

Integral proposal for badge, lanyard and ID card artwork

Payment administration

Call Center


Promotional kit

On-site Registration

In the second stage of on-site registration customized logistics are proposed, taking into account everything needed for registering participants, such as operational infrastructure with computer equipment, systems operators, badge artwork, name tag holders, certificates, barcode scanners and everything needed for a trouble free registration.


Registration system

Computer equipment


RFID scanner

Stickers with barcodes

Credentials making

Technical staff

Data input staff

Access control

Registration modules


Registration lines

Statistics and Reports

In the third stage, once the event has finished, statistics on general attendance are obtained, as well as general databases classified by category and accompanying observations.


Database filtering

Event statistics report

Standex is the solution if:

You need to hold an Event, Congress or exhibition and you need to have control and statistics of your participants in Cancun, Acapulco, León, DF, Puerto Vallarta or in any other part of the Mexican Republic.

Attend an event where you want to highlight your brand with respect to the competition.

Even if you have no idea what you need, tell us your need and we will gladly make a proposal for you.

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