360 photography, 360 camera, Street view, virtual tours and virtual tours

360 Photography is a photography technique in which you use a specialized team to capture the entire environment of a location instead of a single angle. There are many terms used to refer to this type of photography. It is often called 360 panoramic photography, VR (virtual reality photography), 360 virtual visits, 360 spherical photography and recently photosphere. Fotrografia 360, camara 360, Street view, virtual tours and virtual tours,

360° Camera

We use specialized photographic equipment, software and technology to produce 360º interactive panoramas that allow visitors or clients in remote locations to dive into the event’s surroundings, offering the capability to bring persons into the event space you want to promote and inviting clients to take a tour of your business space.

Photographic Session

We will visit your facilities at an agreed time to carry out a photo shoot of the premises.

The Magic

We take care of creating a virtual tour of your facilities, which can be seen on the Google network.

The result

Once your virtual tour has been published, your clients can view it from their computer or mobile device.


What are you waiting for?

Create elegant panoramic visits that are aesthetically pleasant and exceptionally beautiful.


Street View

Take advantage of tools such as Google Maps and Google Street View to show a 360º image of your business or stand. We can advise you on how to integrally create your digital marketing or we can just help you make the most of your photos or 360º videos.

Standex is the solution if:

You need to hold an Event, Congress or Exhibition with Display in USA, Mexico and Spain

You are gong to take part in an event where you want your brand to stand out from the competition.
Even if you have no idea what you want, talk to us about your idea and we will be glad to offer you a proposal.

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