Video Production, Live Broadcast | In Miami, USA, Mexico and Spain

Video Production, Live Broadcast| In Miami, USA, Mexico and Spain

Internet TV station with media programming Create and broadcast your own 24/7 Internet TV station, program ready, personalized or live videos to be transmitted in predetermined time while allowing viewers the functionality and interactivity on demand. Companies can now take advantage of the Internet to run their own 24/7 TV station, through customized Live Video Streaming applications that allow companies to communicate with customers, customers and viewers.

Video and Closed Circuit

By keeping spectators’ eyes and attention on your brand message, either during an event, congress, trade show or concert tour, Grupo Standex, in conjunction with @Visual, allows you to take advantage of a complete range of broadcasting functions that perfectly transmit your ideas, whether they be simple or sophisticated, and make the most of its experience, staff, location and budget.

Standex is the solution if:

You need to hold an Event, Congress or Exhibition with Display in USA, Mexico and Spain

You are gong to take part in an event where you want your brand to stand out from the competition.
Even if you have no idea what you want, talk to us about your idea and we will be glad to offer you a proposal.

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