What do we do??

Unbeatable Experiences

We have been in the market for more than 25 years, organizing and producing Exhibitions, Congresses and Conventions. We create integral projects and innovative experiences for brands and persons. We carry out the planning, logistics and design of typical stands, corporate stands, pavilions, stage designs, registration modules and entrance arches. We have the infrastructure to establish a presence by marketing, producing and setting up in national and international events.

How do we do it?

We are able to offer a fast response since we don’t have intermediaries in our services; this means we can guarantee the quality of each experience.



Tell us about your project or ideas and we will help you create an event tailored to you needs. We develop your idea from the concept, planning, design, production, marketing and set up stages, to the online needs of each project, such as apps, registration and website.

This is a very important area that studies everything from costs to quality, production times, transfers and general logistics to achieve the desired results in the planned time.


Strategic Planning


Design and Structuring

Once we have the general picture of the project our creative team gets together to start it, while our architects set up the area measurements and optimize the space by choosing the best creative and visual concept possible, with suitable materials, textures and decoration, using the correct measurements to develop the concept, either in Octanorm or Custom systems. We design an exact structuring to ensure sufficient support and safety for the project, without sacrificing elegance and functionality.

Our production team uses precision equipment to construct, print and materialize the pieces that will make up the project.




Logistics and Operation

In coordination with our strategic planning area we calculate loading and transfer times to the exhibition center for all produced material.

Learn about Grupo Standex

Grupo Standex was born in 1993, operating both domestically and internationally as a DMC under the name of Viisa Travel in the Acapulco International Convention Center. Today we offer a strong infrastructure in the field of Congresses, Conventions and Exhibitions, with specialized divisions in each sector and with a capacity to offer a rapid response, since we don’t involve intermediaries in our services; this enables us to guarantee the quality of each experience.




Our main mission is to serve God with our work, seeking to offer total satisfaction to our clients by integrating an efficient work team.


To be a self-sufficient company with the services it offers to its clients, aiming for both satisfaction and being as profitable as possible.


  • Honesty
  • Efficiency
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Team Spirit
  • Respect for Clients
  • Communication

Market Leader

We are a company that has specialized in congresses, conventions and exhibitions since 1994. We have the infrastructure, experience, equipment, technology and human capital needed to develop visual communication projects anywhere in the world.

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